Yet another active period for the Svenska föreningen för Alkohol och Drogforskning (SAD) board has culminated into an exciting program for the upcoming SAD 2017 national conference! This year we are especially grateful to our members who actively contributed with their input for the theme of the program.

The SAD annual research conference will be held this year on 23rd-24th November in Gothenburg city (please see next page for all practical information related to the meeting).

The theme of this year’s conference is Stress and Addiction – a Vicious Cycle.

Research studies over the last decade have established that stress, especially unpredictable stress plays a pivotal role in the addiction etiology. The role of stress in addiction is by no means a unitary factor but rather a complex one. Considerations need to expand to include chronic stressors, the timing of the stressor, predictability of the stressor as well as individual differences in the response to the stress. Targeting stress neuroadaptations in the treatment of addictions is an important avenue of research for both pharmacotherapeutical and behavioral interventions.

Bi-directional translational research (pre-clinical to human studies and vice versa) carefully parsing apart the features i.e., chronicity, the timing, individual differences, to name a few, are critical for our understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying stress-precipitated substance use and in supporting the development of effective interventions.

The SAD conferences always strive towards integrating research findings from the various disciplines (clinical, pre-clinical, psychological, sociological and prevention) and in that similar spirit SAD 2017 conference will showcase national and international research work from leading experts across these disciplines, in the field of stress and addition. The aim of the conference is to address several of the themes mentioned above with the goal of increasing knowledge on the topic, showcasing some of the current and novel research methods utilized in the field and last but not the least provide an opportunity to discuss how research findings can be implemented to clinical care of patients. All this and much more at the SAD 2017 meeting!

We look forward to meeting all our members in Gothenburg and to engaging in yet another exciting annual conference together!

Warm regards,

Nitya Jayaram-Lindström,

Chair, Svenska föreningen för Alkohol och Drogforskning


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  • Take the chance to present your work as posters at the SAD 2017 conference. Graduate students have the chance of winning a cash prize for best poster. Do submit your abstract to by latest 5th November to be considered for the poster prize. Further details on poster regulations can be found here:


Last date until rooms are reserved for SAD 2017 is 23th October



Warm regards,

Nitya Jayaram-Lindström, Chair, Svenska föreningen för Alkohol- och Drogforskning    Nitya Jayaram-Lindström
Chair, Svenska föreningen för Alkohol- och Drogforskning